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Our Crew

Hi, this is Manny Figueroa, your Captain and co-owner of Happy Dog Sailing Vessel at San Francisco Bay.  
I have an extensive background in sailboat racing 30+ years, and have owned a 30-foot Hunter Sailboat for over 3 decades.  I’m happily married to my lovely wife Tessie.  She is my sailing partner. We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren & 2 dogs.   From ski boat to sailboat racing, my passion and enjoyment are all about water sports!
Over the years, I have trained & shown many people the ropes with all facets of sailing especially on the SF Bay.   Sometimes it’s just circling Angel Island, touring Alcatraz, or sailing under our famous Golden Gate Bridge.  I love to engage with our guests teach them basic sailing techniques and make sure they have a great time!
Come experience where Tom Cruise sailed in the movie “Maverick”  by Treasure Island one of the greatest locations for sailing & speed!
I hope you will join me & my crew on our Happy Dog Sailing vessel and enjoy the excitement, thrill, & beauty the San Francisco Bay has to offer.
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